Date: 17 July 2012

Maker CMS Client

A striped down version of the maker that only edits .content files for subsequent building and publishing

In this version the maker would connect to site address and down load a copy of the HTML, it would then slice into ints constituent parts:

Only the .content file would be visible in the maker Gui everthing else would be hidden (to avoid editing)

So the user could point the maker at a site and import , then edit the content (preview unit happy) then publish.

This would be very useful for blogging etc. or when you wanted to produce a site for a client but only have them edit the content

The intention here would be to produce a version of the maker that would be suitable for end users to use without having knowledge of the parts of the web page and also without HTML and CSS skills, ie just to provide them with an interface so that they could modify the content of existing pages.

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