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Download a Demo of TheMaker for OS X now with support for Mavericks
Download TheMaker OS X Demo

Maker 1.51 for linux released.

Get this latests build for your linux machine now!

Maker 1.8 Mac Update.

TheMaker CMS, Beautiful new interface, added features and new templates, please update .

Maker 1.7 Mac Update.

TheMaker CMS minor updates including project deletion.

Maker 1.6 Mac Release.

big changes on the Mac

Maker 1.5 Released.

Wow.. this is a big one..! Python scriptable, Markdown, and DropBox™ support. to mention a few in this latest release of the Maker..

The Maker cms features on Python 411

Python podcast series by Ron Stephens.

Color Rush --free app

For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Fun and addictive, get it now from the app store..


The Maker cms mentioned in Linux Pro magazine

short review of the latest release.

Basecamp Latest

progress... basecamp


The Maker now available directly from the developers.

Rapid Website Creation and Management...

TheMaker CMS introductory video.

The latest release seen here, brings all of the recent features and new templates as well as a gorgeous new interface!

HTML KickStart

Maker CMS experiments with HTML5 and KickStart elements from 99Lime

Simple Blog format using the KickStart framework and the Maker

HTML Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap from Twitter

This is an amazing 'framework' using the Maker with Bootstrap

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